Membership Terms, Conditions and Disclosures

Carefree M. D. is NOT health insurance. It is a telemedicine membership program (“Program”) provided to you by Coverdell & Company, Inc. (“Coverdell”).

This document describes the Terms, Conditions and Disclosures of Carefree M.D. It is not a contract. Coverdell administers Carefree M.D.

Carefree M.D. provides access to physicians available to help resolve routine medical issues by phone or video. While every effort is made to ensure appropriate credentials and qualifications to provide goods and services, Coverdell does not otherwise guarantee nor is responsible for the quality of such service or product purchased by You.

Payment of membership fee is made by the billing source authorized by You in accordance with the payment terms to which You agreed. To change Your method of payment, call the customer service number shown on the membership I.D. Card. Coverdell reserves the right to increase or decrease the membership fee for each renewal membership term effective upon renewal of Your membership. Membership is not transferable. You have a family membership, only you and anyone living in your household may use the membership. Should a single member wish to add family members on a family plan, call the customer service number shown on the membership I.D. Card.

General Complaint Procedure. Complaints of any nature may be filed with Coverdell & Company, Inc. at 2850 W. Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, IL . Complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 5 business days and will be resolved in writing to you within 30 calendar days.

Termination and Cancellation. You may terminate Your membership at any time by logging in to www. getcarefreemd.com and submitting a cancellation request on the Contact Us page, calling us at the toll free number on Your membership card, or You may notify us in writing at Member Services, 2850 W. Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, IL .Your cancellation will be effective promptly upon the receipt of Your cancellation notice and You will no longer be billed for Your membership.

All Members: You have the right to cancel this plan within 30 days after the effective date for a full refund of fees paid.

Annual Members Only: After the first 30 days, if a membership is cancelled by You or Coverdell for any reason other than nonpayment of fees, You are eligible for a pro-rata refund of membership fees.

Governing Law and Arbitration. Your membership is governed and controlled by the laws of the State of Illinois. Any dispute arising from or related to Your membership shall be resolved by binding, non-appealable private arbitration conducted in accordance with the Rules of American Arbitration Association in Chicago, Illinois, unless required by a member’s individual state laws to resolve in a different location. This provision shall survive the termination of Your membership and shall be subject to the Federal Arbitration Act.

Disclosure. Carefree M.D. is NOT health insurance. Consultations through Carefree M.D. are not available in Arkansas or Washington. Video consultations are not available in Texas. Only video consults are available in Idaho. Carefree M.D. does not guarantee that a prescription will be written. Telemedicine physicians do not prescribe DEA controlled substances, lifestyle drugs and certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. Telemedicine physicians reserve the right to deny care for potential misuse of service. Carefree M.D. is administered by Coverdell & Company, Inc., 2850 W. Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, IL , 1-888-838-4078. You have the right to cancel this plan within 30 days of the effective date for a full refund of fees paid.